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Two Journey members are not on board with Gregg Rolie joining the 50th anniversary tour

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As previously reported, Neal Schon recently indicated that Journey’s original keyboardist, Gregg Rolie, would be turning up at the band’s upcoming 50th anniversary tour. But his revelation may have been premature. In a post to their joint Facebook page, Neal’s wife, Michaele, shared that not everyone in the band is on board with Gregg’s return.

The post started off by noting how Jeff Beck’s death should make people realize how precious life is — then she brought up the tour.

“TWO BAND MEMBERS of the Journey current LINE UP ARE ‘adamant’ NO against Gregg Rolie to return,” she writes. “Life is so precious Neal and Gregg agree. Who wants to have that feeling, truly sad.” She added, “Everyone LOVES you Gregg ROLIE and respects who you are and ALL You have been and are to Journey,” noting, “Neal Schön and Gregg ROLIE will be somewhere Together at least one time this Year in Honor of what they began in 1972.”

The post comes amid major turmoil in the band, particularly between Schon and his bandmate Jonathan Cain. Cain recently made it known that he will be on the Journey tour, sharing a post from a ski trip and noting he was enjoying some time on the slopes before “hitting the road with Journey.”

The Journey 50th anniversary tour is set to kick off February 4 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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