This Is My Dog Zu Zu And She Looks For Things To Bark At. Don’t Be Like Zu Zu

One of the reasons I have drastically scaled back on my Facebook time, is that the world seems to be overpopulated by Zu Zus.  Let me paint the picture…

Zu Zu is my little Yorkie.  She spends way too much of her day on the back of the sofa staring out the window.  Why?  She is looking for things to bark at.  These can be things that excite her with joy, or rile her up in anger.  She is looking for company – welcome and unwelcome in her mind.  Is my wife home yet? Is that a squirrel in my yard?  Did a car just drive by?  Is there a bird in the lawn? Did someone walk near our property? Is that another dog?

Whenever Zu Zu observes any of the above, she barks and yips and growls and prances about telling everybody else what she sees and how she feels about it.  This is the same way many of us use Facebook.

We get out there online and look for things that we agree with and we think everyone else needs to agree with, and we post them.  How we love to look for things that we disagree with and wish to shame those who do not see life the way we see it, so we post them.  It seems our goal to bring attention to the “squirrels” in our life.  Every “car” that passes by our “window” we deem worthy of an opinion which we must share. We express our pleasure or displeasure about every friend and stranger.

Did you ever notice on Facebook that a great number of people repost an article they have read that they feel must immediately be shared because no one else could possibly have discovered the same article for themselves?  I always have to ask the question about the motive behind the article?  The real motive – not the one the person has convinced him or herself is the motive.

I have seen articles about faith that I know were posted not by someone who wants to share the beauty of their faith, but wants to point out the errors of the faith of another.  Like that will win them over to their side!

I have also seen articles posted about political subjects where one can identify that the one posting is only trying to rally supporters and get in the face of the opposition.  Does this really help advance the cause?

It has been my discovery that when I keep my dog, Zu Zu, from getting on the sofa to look out the window, she is calmer…happier…more enjoyable to be around.  If she doesn’t see things to bark at, she stops barking.  Maybe we could learn from her.  If we stop seeking out things to bark at and re-post – maybe we would be calmer…happier…more enjoyable to be around.

Feel free to share this…other people need to see it to!

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