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Crosby Library Roof Collapses

Scary moment over the weekend in the town of Crosby. The Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library roof apparently collapsed Saturday night and city crews worked quickly in saving historic memorabilia and the books inside. Saturday, a person was walking their dog past the library when they heard a loud boom, which sounded like the roof collapsing. The passerby called 911 …

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Lymes? Meet Tick Murdering Birds!

It’s no doubt that tick borne illnesses are on the rise, especially here in Minnesota. Well this may be a way to finally combat this problem without having to douse yourself with stinky spray, that can also be harmful. Known by a few names, such as African Pheasant and Guinea Hens, one could also call this African native the “Tick …

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Minnesota Schools Ranked… Pretty Good!

There is a report out this week that ranks Minnesota as the 7th state over all in education. The report was issued by the financial news website They used a variety of measures including school funding, academic achievement, and enrollment. Here’s the stats that are quoted: Minnesota > High school graduation rate:82.7% (tied — 17th lowest) > Public school …

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