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Car Vs Coyote

A friend of mine was out driving at night a few weeks ago.

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Moose Sighting In Breezy Point

I have lived in Breezy Point for about 15 years. I have seen a ton of wildlife while living there and driving to and from Baxter just about every single day.  Deer, raccoons, porcupine, bear, deer, fox, mice, frogs, turtles, deer, rabbits, owls, coyotes and more mayflies and mosquitoes than I care to mention.  A number of years back, there …

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Why I Still Carve Pumpkins

Halloween for me is much different than it used to be.  I outgrew the “scary” stuff and no longer find that attractive.  There is one tradition, however, I still enjoy:  Pumpkin Carving.  I can’t let go of that.

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