Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors

Bemidji State’s Aquatic Biology Crew Talks All Things Aquatic, Keith Tuma of Brainerd Wins A Bassmaster Open and Steve Scepaniak Is Still Finding Good Ice on Mille Lacs

One of the great things in Paul Bunyan Country is Bemidji State University. Another great thing in Paul Bunyan Country is the outdoors…thousands of lakes, rivers, wetlands, forests and more. And when you put those two together, you have a pretty incredible Aquatic Biology program. For years, we’ve featured a segment called “Ask The Aquatic Biologist”. This week, it’s “Ask the Aquatic BiologistS. The whole staff discusses Minnesota’s ONLY four year Aquatic Biology program. 

Also today, Keith Tuma of Brainerd just won his first ever Bassmaster Open and is headed to the Classic. He gives us the details and discusses bass fishing in Dixie vs Paul Bunyan Country, and Steve Scepaniak of Predator Guide Service is still Hardwater Fishing on Mille Lacs…at least for the next week or so.

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