Do You Have Seasonal Allergies?  Better Start Taking Your Meds Now

Allergy Seasons in Minnesota are starting earlier, lasting longer, and getting more intense. It looks like the global warming trend is influencing pollen counts.

According to the Minnesota department of health, we have the pleasure of three pollen seasons in our state.  We’re into the weed pollen season now.  If this is something that affects you, better start taking your meds in advance of the symptoms.  This can help manage the impact of the pollen.  It’s better to start the prevention before you have to play catch-up.

Word in the medical community is that in the last 25 years or so, the ragweed season is lasting about three weeks longer than in previous times.  Usually the weed pollen season lasts until we get some good frosts.  While I am not a fan of allergies, I have a hard time looking forward to frost either. I guess it’s off to the medicine cabinet I go to try to make the most of the remaining Summer days!

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