Dan Goshey

Dan is live on air during the Christmas Season on Cool 103.5.

Dan Goshey is the youngest child in a family of 11 kids; a native of Saint Paul and has been on the air in radio since 1989.  He and his wife, Julie, met in high school at Como Park and have been married since 1988.  They have two adult children and very much enjoy their current empty nest lifestyle.  Dan has been with the Hubbard Radio stations since 2001.  Outside of the radio station, Dan does what he calls his Real Job – being as a husband, father and deacon of the Catholic Church serving (often with his wife) in the parishes of Crosby and Garrison.

When Dan is asked if there is another career he might prefer to radio, he would likely respond very quickly with a “Yes!  I’d love to be Santa.  Not a Santa, but the Santa.  That’d be cool!”

Dan’s Favorites…

Movies:  Star Wars, Princess Bride, Christmas themed movies and musicals

Book:  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, or books that “help me to know God better”

Music:  Liturgical music, Christmas music, Show Tunes

Singers: Manilow, Sinatra, any of the crooners

Radio Station:  Seriously?

Food:  Steak

Pizza Toppings:  Thin crust, peperoni

Fruit:  Apples

Vegetables:  Peas

Soft Drink:  Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi

Hard Drink:  Bourbon – but he gave it up

Coffee:  Must have real whipping cream and Splenda

Dessert:  Julie’s baking – especially chocolate or cinnamon baked goods.

Pie:  Raspberry or Pecan

Candy:  Snickers, Reese’s and licorice (also lemon flavored jelly beans)

Vacation:  Camping

Color:  Yellow (like the sunshine.)

Time of day:  Pre-dawn and sunrise.

Scent:  Pine, Cinnamon, Lemon

Favorite Quote:  Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46)

Best day of his life:  Today

Second best day of his life:  Yesterday

Pet Peeve:  My own impatience

Quirky habit:  Clothes rotation schedule

Hobbies: Woodworking, and researching just about anything that has to do with Christmas.  He also spends much time “pondering”