Anyone Want To Hear The Song I Wrote About My Colonoscopy?

The Colonoscopy Song – By Dan Goshey

That time        That Time

Of Life            Of Life

You turn 50   Get a colonoscopy

Can’t hold back the hands of time though frequently we want to try

Gotta have that probing done to take a look inside your bum.

It’s really simple no big deal except the prep work that’s unreal!

Dulcolax and Miralax clear liquid diet don’t relax.

Can’t talk now dear!             Get out the way don’t block the door!

My biggest fear…                 Is this just gas or something more?

Not worth guessing…         This is no time to take a chance.

Tired of dressing!                 Don’t have that many under pants!

What a strange sensation this is…

Oh – colonoscopy – who was the guy who said ever said “I think I’ll look up there I’ll bet it’s cool!”

Got a nice long tube and camera – there’s a polyp – don’t you fret I have this handy little tool.


Oh – colonoscopy – a glorious procedure best compared with biological spelunking.

Don’t put it off it just may save your life, it’s fast, it’s fun for you and really not that funky.

Just get it done

I did!

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