A Great Summer?

As Labor Day was the unofficial end of Summer 2020. September 22nd it will officially be over. We wondered, in general, how did this summer compare to an average summer?

A survey conducted by YouGov asked 1,500 Americans if this was their worst summer ever because of the pandemic and all of the restrictions. Only about one in six, or 16%, said yes. 14% said it was a “good” summer overall . Meanwhile a solid 38% said it was “average” and 30% said it was “bad.”

And it turns out some Americans have been having a blast the last few months. 2% said it was their best summer ever. The survey also found the most popular thing to do over Labor Day weekend this year was absolutely nothing, just stay home and relax.

Here in the lakes area we have seen plenty of visitors this year. Outdoor activities with little to no crowds were on most peoples “to do” lists this summer since almost all large group activities were nixed, both indoor and out.

I spoke to some people last winter who were hoping for summer weather like the summer of 2020, No one expected the others stuff.

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